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Who Are Engineers?

For centuries, engineers have imagined, inspired, and invented better ways of living. Whether developing the Step Pyramid in 2550 B.C., or constructing our roads, bridges, and tunnels, or advancing technologies in energy, communications, medicine, and computers, engineering is everywhere.


GT Classroom

In Touch with Tomorrow's Engineers Today

The College is organized administratively into eight schools and one outreach campuses in Metz, France. Other programs are offered in across the globe.

Our eight schools provide for a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees in the field of engineering, and opportunities in extended learning and other special programs, which offer something for everyone! Our students will be asked to solve pressing issues, both nationally and globally, dealing with economic development, the environment, healthcare, and energy-to name a few. Georgia Tech’s College of Engineering is poised to play a major role in finding solutions to the greatest challenges of the coming century and providing the foundation for advancement in the key areas of energy, the environment, healthcare, and security. 

We are cutting across the established boundaries while we work to provide deep understanding of specific disciplines.  We also believe in diverse approaches to learning. Today’s engineers need not only a world-class education, but also an enduring commitment to solving societal issues. It's in our classes and research labs that you begin your journey as an engineer. 

Georgia Tech provides a unique spectrum of programs to challenge the intellect and cultivate creativity. With cutting-edge research, innovative facilities, and a global perspective, our students are becoming the leaders of tomorrow.


  • improve the quality of life
  • are recognized & highly respected
  • work with diverse groups of people
  • earn high salaries
  • can study abroad
  • have a wide variety of career options

To find out more about the College of Engineering's schools and the degrees they offer, please visit this page.