The Difference Between Women in Engineering and the Society of Women Engineers

They are very similar and ultimately have the same goals: retention and recruitment of women engineering students. However, the manner in which these goals are reached, and who is involved, differ.

SWE is first and foremost a student-run organization, with elected officers and members who are all students and who define and run the chapter's activities (both social and professional) on a yearly basis. By being involved with SWE, members get the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, by learning how to run outreach programs, fundraise, interact with companies, and organize socials.  Please visit the SWE webpage for more information.

WIE is run by faculty and staff, out of the College of Engineering Dean’s office. The Women in Engineering program exists to serve the needs of all women engineering students at GT. By virtue of your being a COE female student, you are automatically part of WIE.  There is no membership in WIE. To support its students, WIE offers scholarships and runs programs such as the Professional and M&M peer mentoring program. WIE also helps promote awareness of engineering as a good career path for women in the society at large, by conducting middle school and high school outreach, and partnering with companies and other like-minded groups for national events such as “Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day”. Students can get involved with WIE by helping with specific events, like being a Senior Counselor during TEC Camp, or take a leadership role, such as a M&M Team Leader, in our undergraduate program.
  WIE: Women in Engineering SWE: Society of Women Engineers
Who we are: Student Support Program within the GT College of Engineering (COE) Dean's office; run by full-time professional staff Georgia Tech's student section of the national SWE organization; a registered student organization; run by student officers and volunteers
Who we serve: Open to all GT engineering women students; membership not required; events and support services are free of charge Open to all Georgia Tech engineering students; membership required; members pay dues to participate; Professional Member Sections available for engineering graduates

 To increase the overall percentage of women in the GT COE by:

  • educating girls and women about engineering and Georgia Tech
  • encouraging GT undergraduate women engineers to pursue graduate studies
  • providing opportunities for GT women engineering students to develop leadership skills
  • enhancing the overall experience of GT women engineers and facilitate their entry into careers in academia, research, and industry
To strengthen and empower women engineering students by:
  • providing education about the challenges facing female engineers
  • creating a sense of identity and community
  • providing resources for women engineers
  • enhancing leadership and professional skills
Funded by: Georgia Tech College of Engineering and corporate partners Membership dues and corporate partners