Engineers Week

National Engineers Week runs from February 19-25 and will feature campus-wide events and competitions for people all of interests whether they are engineering majors or not. Engineers Week celebrates the positive contributions engineers make to society and is a catalyst for outreach across the country to kids and adults alike. Engineers Week is part of many corporate and government cultures and is celebrated on every U.S. engineering college campus. Engineers Week 2011 celebrated a 60th anniversary (1951-2011).

This year's week-long celebration of engineering on the Georgia Tech campus will pit each engineering major against its rivals in a student competition. Points will be rewarded at each competitive event (all except comedy night and the fair). Attendance and success in Engineering will be equally awarded.Moreover, attendance is normalized to the size of the major, in order to prevent larger majors from overrunning smaller majors with sheer numbers.

Students are encouraged to work in groups, however, points will be awarded for each entry. (This is separate from attendance - each person scores points once, and each group scores points on top of that).

If an entry should happen to not win an event, your effort will still be rewarded. Points will be awarded for any sincere attempt. First place winners will receive $75 and second place will receive $50. Also, the major that accumulates the most points will win the newly created Engineers Cup!

Event Sign-Up Form 


Mon, Feb. 20
Chalking Competition (Due by 11 am)
Students will create an engineering themed chalk mural on Skiles Walkway. This must be completed and a picture taken and submitted by 11 am to be eligible to win.
Location: Skiles Walkway

Mon, Feb. 20, 1-4 pm
Engineers Week Fair
This is a non-competitive event. We have asked local engineering organizations, research professors, and student groups that are related to engineering to come forth and present their organization to students. We hope to foster many new connections between majors, and outside of school.We are also bringing in local high-school groups in order to show them what engineering is all about.
Location: Skiles Walkway

Mon, Feb. 20, 2-3 pm
This event is both a competition and philanthropic event. Student's must bring 10 cans to participate (Supplemental cans will be provided by Tau Beta Pi). The team that builds the most creative and unique structure out of cans will win. All cans collected will be donated to a local charity.
Location: Skiles Walkway

Tues, Feb. 21, 11-12 pm
Skyscraper Structures Competition
Using common household supplies (provided by Tau Beta Pi at event), such as paper, popsicle sticks, tape, etc, students will attempt to make the tallest structure they can in 10 minutes.
Location: Klaus 1447

Tues, Feb. 21, 1- 1:30 pm
Paper Airplane Competition
Using provided materials, students will attempt to build a paper airplane that will travel further than the other groups.
Location: Top of hill of Atlantic/Research Drive. Near Bunger Henry.

Wed, Feb. 22, 3 pm
Humpty Dumpty Drop
Participants will construct a device designed to slow down the fall of an egg and bring it to the event. Devices may consist of any materials, but may not involve parachutes or similar devices specifically to decrease terminal velocity or acceleration in free-fall.
Location: Calloway Plaza

Thurs, Feb. 23, 11:30 - 12:30 pm
Film Canister Rocket Competition
Rockets will be made out of a film canister, Alka-Seltzer tablets, water, and various other materials provided by Tau Beta Pi. The question is, how do you optimize something so simple? We challenge students to find a way to maximize the launch distance of their film cartridges!
Location: Skiles Walkway

Thurs, Feb. 23, 2/23 11-1 pm
Rubiks Cube Competition
Contestants will use a Rubik's Cube provided by Tau Beta Pi. The contestant that completes the puzzle the fastest will win.
Location: Skiles Walkway

Fri, Feb. 24, 8-9:30 pm
Comedy Night
We will be hosting four professional comedians in CULC 144 to celebrate the end of E-week. The winning major will be announced at the end of the event.
Location: CULC 144

Please sign up in advance for each event you plan to participate in.

For more details and in-depth explanations of each event visit the Tau Beta Pi website.