Every gift makes a difference. Every gift unfolds a story.

How Your Gift Helps

Nathan Bessette and Laura Nguyen

W. Vernon Hassett, Textile Eng '38, funded the W.V. Hassett Endowment Fund for senior students who have participated in the Co-Op Program.

Laura Nguyen, EE, and Nathan Bessette, ME, are two of the students who benefited from Hassett's generosity. Nguyen was a co-op at Orbital Sciences and her career interests are in medical and defense applications.

Bessette, was a co-op at General Motors and Panasonic Automotive Systems. His research interests are in alternative energy sources and he would like to become a faculty member. 

Your gift to the College:

  • Helps to insure others have the same opportunity to get a quality education;
  • Helps maintain our nationally-recognized standards of educational excellence;

  • Helps the College of Engineering keep pace with the constantly changing advancements in  technologies;

  • Helps fund scholarships for deserving students in need;

  • Helps play a vital role in the discoveries that revolutionize our lives and set in motion new ideas and new discoveries;

  • Help us provide a scholarly and professional environment that enables faculty, students and staff to make lasting contributions to the advancement of knowledge, the creative and innovative practice of engineering, and improvement of the quality of life for society as a whole.

  • For a number of years, our engineering programs have been ranked among the top five engineering programs in the nation.  While we are quite proud of our rankings, we are even more proud of the outstanding faculty, students and programs that have earned us this national recognition. We will not be content to rest on our past achievements. We will continue to seek exceptional faculty and students; we will continue to break new ground in engineering research; and, we will continue to have a positive impact on our society.

Faculty Support

To keep their finest scholars and teachers over the long term, universities must now think creatively, recognize, and continue to expand the research of accomplished faculty. Endowments and awards allow these faculty members to pursue research that excites and motivates them and positively impacts society-at-large. The challenge for Georgia Tech's College of Engineering lies in the ongoing search for new ways to fund these programs.

BME grad student, Alyssa Ngangan, uses a pipette.Student Support


Providing scholarship support for deserving students is a tradition nearly as old as higher education itself. One of our society’s core values is the belief that aspiring college students who have demonstrated exceptional merit and citizenship should receive the recognition that comes with a scholarship. Scholarships are but one type of financial support available to students.

Unrestricted Gifts

Unrestricted gifts to the College of Engineering go directly to solving COE's most pressing needs or are used to strengthen ongoing student or faculty programs. All unrestricted gifts help advance COE's educational mission. There are two kinds of unrestricted support: annual gifts, which fund current operations, and endowments, which are invested to produce a stream of unrestricted income over time.

For additional information on making a gift to Georgia Tech, visit the Development website.