Get Involved

Current Students

If you are a current undergraduate or graduate student, there are many ways you can get involved with WIE!  In addition to participating in the programs we offer throughout the year , there are a variety of ways you can volunteer.  Volunteering with WIE is a great way to give back, encourage K-12 girls to consider engineering as a career path, meet alumna and professional engineers from around campus and the community, and gain valuable leadership skills, letters of recommendation, and experience to put on your resume! Here are some ways to get involved:

As a current undergraduate or graduate student you may also apply to be hired to:

  • Do academic research for the WIE Director, Dr. Christine Valle
  • Be a Senior Counselor or help design an engineering module for TEC Camp 

Alumni or Professional Engineers

Want to do outreach? We would love to have you join us because we need your expertise to help prepare a diverse and talented generation of pre-college students to enter the engineering workforce. For example, we always need speakers for our various events. If you are interested in volunteering to share your engineering expertise and experience with K-12 students and teachers, please contact us for more information.

As an alumna or professional engineer, you may also consider mentoring or sponsoring a Georgia Tech female engineering student. This is a great way to give back by helping the next generation follow in the path you created!

College of Engineering Faculty

As a faculty member, there are a number of ways to participate in the Women in Engineering Program:

  • Design a module based on your area of expertise for one of our outreach events and deliver it, or have your grad students deliver it under your direction.
  • Be a speaker at one of our events.
  • Partner with WIE to advertise your undergraduate research opportunities to female COE students.  WIE can put you in touch with scholarship winners in your major and other COE women who meet your criteria.
  • Write a proposal, in partnership with WIE, on women engineers and the best practices to educate, recruit, and retain them.  WIE can also provide letters of support for your proposals as well as help implement an outreach event you propose. We can help you with the Broader Impacts criterion on your NSF grants, or your grad students’ NSF fellowship applications.  Please keep in mind that unlike CEISMC, we focus only on girls.

Should you be interested in any of these opportunities, please contact us for more information.