How to Apply

Regents’ Engineering Transfer Program (RETP)

An RETP student is a Georgia resident who has attended one of fifteen participating colleges in the University System of Georgia and then continues a program of study leading to a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Georgia Tech.

During their two years of enrollment at a participating institution, RETP students are able to complete all of the mathematics and science courses, as well as many of the engineering courses, required in the first two years of the Georgia Tech curricula. A student who successfully completes the RETP requirements at his or her participating institution will be given equal admission consideration beginning their junior year at Georgia Tech. A list of participating schools can be found online at the Web site below. Guidelines on admission and further information about the program should be obtained from these colleges or the Georgia Tech Office of Undergraduate Admission. RETP students who apply to Georgia Tech must also submit a completed RETP recommendation form, which is available from the RETP advisor at your current institution. Visit

International Transfer Students

An international transfer student has taken a college or university course after graduating from high school or secondary school and is neither a U.S. Citizen nor a U.S. Permanent Resident cardholder. To be considered for international transfer admission, you must meet all the course requirements as specified under Requirements for Admission Consideration and the Course Requirements by Major. International transfer students who apply to Georgia Tech must also submit official transcripts with English translations from all non-U.S. colleges attended; a Course-by-Course credential evaluation by a professional evaluator; the International Applicant Financial Statement form (if an F-1 student visa is needed) or sufficient documentation of U.S. immigration status. International students on F-1 visas are not eligible for financial aid or scholarships. See for more information.

Special/Transient Students

Students attending Georgia Tech on a special or transient student status are classified as non-degree-seeking students and are not normally eligible to continue studies at Georgia Tech. Special or transient status makes a student eligible for admission during the approved term only and neither implies nor guarantees future enrollment at Georgia Tech. Specific deadlines to apply as a special or transient student may be found at A special student is one who is not currently pursuing a degree at another institution and who desires to enroll at GTS for one or more terms to take certain advanced coursework for personal or professional growth. The student is not enrolled in classes for the primary purpose of obtaining a degree. The student who has already received a bachelor’s degree may enroll as a special student for a maximum of twenty semester hours. The student who has not yet completed a bachelor’s degree can only enroll as a special student for a maximum of twelve semester hours. Special students who apply to Georgia Tech must also submit a completed Non-degree Applicant Permission form found online at A transient student is one who enrolls at Georgia Tech for one term only (usually during the summer term) in order to take certain applicable advanced coursework that will transfer back to his or her home institution. The student should be planning to return to the home institution to complete coursework for a degree. A transient student must have permission to take classes at Georgia Tech as authorized by the registrar at the home institution. Transient students who apply to Georgia Tech must also submit a completed Non-degree Applicant Permission form obtained from the Office of Undergraduate Admission or found online at Registration for any course depends upon availability. Appropriate Georgia Tech officials must approve registration for any course. Enrollment in unauthorized courses will result in an automatic course withdrawal by the Institute. Any student admitted in a non-degree status wishing to later pursue degree-seeking admission must apply and follow the requirements and guidelines for transfer admission at Georgia Tech, as outlined at There must be a one-term gap between enrollment in a non-degree status and an application for degree-seeking admission.

Second Undergraduate Degree students

A second undergraduate degree student is someone who has completed a bachelor’s degree from another accredited institution and wishes to enroll at Georgia Tech to obtain a second undergraduate degree in a different major or field of study. In order to be accepted for enrollment, students must have completed all of the minimum requirements as indicated for regular transfer applicants, including the specific courses on the Course Requirements by Major chart and the minimum GPA.