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Professional Engineer

Engineering students, particularly those in civil, mechanical and electrical engineering, may find it advantageous to become licensed as a Professional Engineer (PE). Candidates interested in pursuing licensure are encouraged to check the requirements in the state or territory where they plan to practice, as the requirements vary. Becoming a licensed PE can help with a student's employment and promotability. For the general public, becoming a PE is a statement of quality engineering. Further information is available at:

E.I.T. Exam (Engineer-In-Training)

One of the most important decisions an engineering student will make as a senior is whether or not to take the Fundamentals of Engineering (also known as E-I-T) Examination. Students within two semesters of graduation may take the exam, which covers mathematics, physics, chemistry, and engineering sciences. Taking the E.I.T. Exam distinguishes students as positive, committed and success oriented; boosts their resume; provides them with certification that is transferable to other parts of the country; and is a great way to prepare for the PE exam. Further information is available at