Mentoring Programs

Throughout your time here at Georgia Tech as well as throughout your career, you will have to make many small and large decisions.  One of the best ways to make good decisions is to seek the advice of a mentor, someone who has already successfully navigated the same experiences.  Since they’ve already walked the path you’re embarking on, they can offer unique insights and guidance in order to prevent you from getting lost, walking over cliffs or missing opportunities.  

Women in Engineering offers three different mentoring programs.  We encourage you to get involved with one or more of these programs as either a mentor or a mentee.

We offer the following mentoring program for female engineering undergraduate students:

  • M&M (Mentors & Mentees): a peer mentoring program where freshmen are matched with juniors, and sophomores with seniors, in the same major.
    • We offer the following mentoring program for female engineering graduate students:

      • Professional Mentoring: a professional mentoring programs where undergraduates are matched with professional female engineers from industry
        • Professional Mentoring Program with Georgia Power: The program provides female undergraduate engineering students access to professional female engineers from Georgia Power who serve as their mentors, giving academic and professional advice and friendship.
        • Mentor Jackets: An alumni-to-student mentoring program sponsored by the Georgia Tech Alumni Association and the Georgia Tech Student Alumni Association (SAA).
      • Grad Mentoring Program:a program providing peer mentoring for incoming graduate students