M&M Mentoring

M&M Overview

The M&M (Mentors & Mentees) Program is a peer-mentoring program for undergraduate female engineering students, where Freshmen are matched with Juniors, and Sophomores with Seniors within the same major.  M&M is a unique opportunity to build friendships with other students from across campus as well as for underclassman to find an upperclassman who can offer support and guidance so they’re not facing the challenges of succeeding at Tech alone. 

In addition to encouraging mentoring pairs to meet at times and venues of their choice, WIE plans monthly lunches with guest speakers to give M&M participants the chance to talk about various topics including resumes, goal-setting, leadership, study skills, time management and much more!

M&M Commitment

Being an M&M mentor or mentee is a fun and rewarding experience, but it does require a commitment of your time and energy in order for the partnership to be successful.  We ask that students signing-up to be a mentor or mentee make the commitment necessary to ensure a successful mentoring partnership, specifically committing to weekly communication and monthly meetings with their mentoring partner.  M&M members who make this commitment will benefit greatly from this program!

Sign-up to be an M&M Mentee or Mentor

The deadline to sign up to be a mentor or mentee has passed for this year. Please check back in August 2014 for more details on how to sign up for the M&M program.

For more information about the M&M Program please visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

2013-2014 M&M Events

We have some great M&M events planned for you this year!  Please be sure to mark your calendar for the following events:

  • Mentor Training: Mentor Training has been canceled for this year, all mentors should look for an email from Women in Engineering later this month.
  • M&M Spin Matching: Thursday, October 17 from 5:30 - 7:00pm in the Klaus Atrium
    • Instead of WIE matching mentors & mentees, we want you to help us.  At this fun and highly interactive event, mentees will have the chance to meet several potential mentors and then let WIE know their mentor preferences.
  • M&M Luncheon hosted by General Motors: On Thursday, November 14 from 11am-noon in the Student Center Ballroom, General Motors will host an M&M Luncheon on "When “Opportunity” Knocks: Are you on the right career path?" as presented by Ruth Davis and Amy Handlan. To learn more about Ruth and Amy, please click here.
  • M&M Luncheon hosted by Alcoa:  On Thursday, January 16 from 11:00am-12 noon in Klaus 1116 E&W, Alcoa will host an M&M luncheon on "Standing Out Positively in an Interview" as presented by Ms. Elizabeth Schmitt. To learn more about Elizabeth, please click here.
  • M&M Luncheon:  On Thursday, February 13 from 11:00am-12 Noon in Klaus 1116 E&W, the Women in Engineering program will host a "Mid Semester Break Luncheon." This luncheon will be an opportunity to meet with your mentor/mentee for the month of February.
  • M&M Luncheon hosted by Fluor: On Thursday, March 11 from 11:00am-12 Noon in Klaus 1116 E&W, Fluor will host an M&M luncheon on "Business Etiquette" as presented by Ms. Emily Watrous and Ms. Katie Coke. To learn more about Ms. Watrous, please click here.
  • M&M End-of-Year Luncheon hosted by Siemens:  On Thursday, April 17 from 11:00am-12 Noon in Klaus 1116 E&W, Siemens will  host an M&M luncheon on "How to Network" as presented by Ms. Erin Jones, Mr. Derrick Fisher, Ms. Valerie Thomas, and Ms. Vivian Chen. To learn more about the Siemens representatives, please click here.


We would like to thank Caterpillar, Shell Oil and a Street Smarts/Stantec endowment,

our 2013-2014 M&M sponsors!