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COE has a commitment to Georgia Tech's research mission and focuses on areas where COE has or will have nationally and/or internationally recognized levels of distinction.  Engineering faculty, researchers and scientists pursue a wide range of research opportunities/avenues, and consistently demonstrate creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship, all critical values to the College.

Interdisciplinary/Intradisciplinary Research

Having long recognized that interdisciplinary/intradisciplinary research is a key component of the continuous growth of the College, engineering faculty and students are leading and/or are engaging in a number of interdisciplinary/intradisciplinary activities with sciences, computing, liberal arts, management, architecture and the Georgia Tech Research Institute, as well as, a number of major initiatives with partner institutions such as Emory University School of Medicine. The interdisciplinary research endeavors enable the College to leverage it's strengths, and the strengths of potential collaborators.

Research Goal

The goal of COE is to be the nation’s premier research university in selected key research initiatives such as energy, biotechnology, sustainability, and nanotechnology while serving the needs of the citizens of the State and society-at-large.