Staff Profiles: Norma Frank and Claudia Clarkson

Norma Frank
Academic Advisor
Mechanical Engineering

Norma joined the George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering on Feb. 5, 1973 after working at Augusta College. When she told her former employers that she was moving to Atlanta they asked her where she was going to work. "Georgia Tech", the lifelong Yellow Jacket fan told them, even though she hadn't applied for a job yet. When she arrived in Atlanta she was told that ME had some openings so she visited campus. After a brief conversation and a quick phone call to Augusta College she was asked on the spot when she wanted to start work. Norma has been here ever since, advising mechanical engineering students on how to best make use of their time at Tech.

"I enjoy working with the students. That's what has kept me here all this time. It never gets boring, but it gets tiring because we have so many of them now." For the record, when Norma began working at the Institute in 1973, Tech had 8,036 students enrolled. Total fall enrollment for 2012 is 21,512.

Norma still keeps in touch with some of the students she advised, and has now advised many of their children. Norma counts meeting Bobby Dodd as one of the many highlights of her career at Georgia Tech.

Claudia Clarkson
Administration & Accounting—Director
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Claudia Clarkson and her husband were moving from Florida back to Kentucky in 1974 when they decided to stop in Atlanta. They've been here ever since. Claudia went to OHR and then to the library on the same day where she was offered a job on the spot. Her career path took her from the library to the business office and then on to the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering in 1980 where she has been for 32 years.

Amazingly, during her time at ChBE Claudia has worked under just two school chairs- Dr. Poehlein and Dr. Rousseau who has been the chair for the last 25 years.

"Both chairs that I've worked with are tremendous workhorses. They put out work unbelievably on a daily basis. That's been good. You're never bored."

Claudia enjoys the autonomy that Tech gives schools when it comes to interpreting and applying policies and finds that aspect of career rewarding, but cites the people she works with as one of the main reasons she has stayed here for so many years.

"There's just a great group of people to work with. I've had children over the years and one of them attended Tech. Now two of them work here. Georgia Tech has been part of our lives for almost my whole entire life now. There aren't many opportunities now when people can put in so many service years at once place. It's been very good for me and good for my family. Tech will always hold a special place for me."