Study Abroad

Why Should Engineers Study Abroad??
  • To see the world from an entirely new perspective.
  • To develop new skills, independence, and the self-confidence needed to survive and succeed in the global marketplace.
  • To put engineering theory to practice in the real world.
  • To acquire or improve foreign language skills.
  • To gain a competitive edge for resumes and/or graduate school applications.

Spin a globe and pick a country. Chances are you will find an opportunity to study engineering under a partnership between Georgia Tech and a host institution in cities across the world. From full degree programs to a semester of study abroad, COE students are provided with opportunities to enrich their education with a global perspective in emerging technological areas of the world.

International Plan

COE students also have the option of adding an International Plan degree designation to their studies at Tech. The International Plan is integrated into the student’s major and students take international economics coursework, become proficient in a second language, and must complete a two-term period, 26 weeks, of international experience combining study abroad, international internship, or research. All nine Engineering Schools offer Study Abroad opportunities.

The program prepares engineering graduates to succeed professionally and personally in the global economy. The challenging program contains components of language, residence and academics. The International Plan degree will be designated in both the transcript and the diploma. 

Map of the World

Semester Programs

Another very enriching international experience for engineering students can be gained by participating in semester programs. In semester programs, students has an option to go to many universities around the world that have exchange agreement with Georgia Tech. Students normally take some local courses that can be transferred back to GT. The knowledge of the local language is often important. Engineering programs are offered from Chile to Australia, from Finland to France, and many countries in-between.

Georgia Tech Summer Programs

The summer programs are easiest to participate in international programs. Although beneficial, the knowledge of local language is normally not necessary. Opportunities for engineering coursework include  GT Lorraine, France, and in London, England, and Beijing, China.

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