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Jane Weyant
Assistant Dean

College of Engineering Dean's Office
Tech Tower, Third Floor

With so many degree options, it can be difficult for a new student to choose a major from the outset of their college career. First-year students entering the College of Engineering may choose a specific engineering major or remain undeclared until they determine which Georgia Tech major best fits their interests and goals. It is recommended that students select a major by the end of the first year, but the selection must be made before completion of sixty credit hours. Until a student has chosen a major, course schedules should be planned using courses that are common to all engineering majors.

This information was compiled to assist you in scheduling classes until you decide upon a major; to inform you about academic services designed to enhance your chances of academic success; and to guide you through the process of selecting and declaring a major.

Resources at Georgia Tech to assist you in making this decision

Links to Academic Support Services

Success @ Georgia Tech
Georgia Tech Counseling Center
Academic Advising

Email an Advisor

Aerospace Engineering (AE)
Lakshmi Sankar
Duarette Joseph

Biomedical Engineering (BME)
Joe LeDoux
Paul Fincannon
Kim Paige

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (ChBE)
Pradeep Agrawal
James Hardin

Civil Engineering (CEE)
Jaehong Kim
Tracy Boothe
Mary George

Computer Engineering (ECE)
Jennifer Michaels
Claudia Ford
Angela Elleby

Environmental Engineering (CEE)
Jaehong Kim
Tracy Boothe
Mary George

Electrical Engineering (ECE)
Jennifer Michaels
Claudia Ford
Angela Elleby

Industrial Engineering (ISyE)
Chen Zhou
Valarie Durant-Modeste
Fran Buser
Patti Parker

Materials Science and Engineering (MSE)
Fred Cook
Renita Washington

Mechanical Engineering (ME)
Aldo Ferri
Kristi Mehaffey
Norma Frank

Nuclear and Radiological Engineering (NRE)
Farzad Rahnema
Camellia Henry


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