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Did you know:
  • Georgia Tech was recently ranked a “Best College Return on Investment Bargain” based on the typical pay for graduates 25 years after completing a bachelor’s degree and earnings per dollar spent to get that degree. See for more information. 
  • According to a report from Georgetown University's Center on Education and the Workforce, of the top 10 undergraduate majors with the highest median salaries, eight were in engineering
  • Salaries for the 2011 graduates have increased, especially for engineering majors:
  • 1. Chemical engineering - $66,886
    2. Computer science - $63,017
    3. Mechanical engineering - $60,739
     4. Electrical/electronics engineering - $60,646
    5. Computer engineering - $60,112
    6. Industrial/manufacturing engineering - $58,549
    7. Systems engineering - $57,497

Engineers find creative solutions to the challenges that face society, from the telegraph to microwave signals from outer space. Engineers are essential to our lives — they help design and create everything from cars to computer chips. In the College of Engineering at Georgia Tech, we are helping educate a new generation of engineers who will continue to use their education to improve people's lives and benefit our global community.

Our Students Dare to Dream

Our students represent the next generation of engineers who dare to dream. Some have specific goals: to cure diseases, reduce pollution, or find new energy sources. Others dream of developing the next laser, labor saving device or vehicle for space travel. The cutting-edge research environment is a true reflection of faculty expertise, and our undergraduate and graduate students benefit from the diversity of classroom and laboratory experiences that this research provides.

More Than a Major

GA Tech students gain exposure to an environment in which they can pursue interests that would normally be unattainable elsewhere. We have over 40 engineering specific clubs and over 400 other student organizations, there is something for everyone here at GA Tech.

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Whatever your interests, whether they be the Society of Hispanic Engineers, GA Motorsports, or Engineers Without Borders, there are many activities and programs that let students explore life outside the classroom.

Apply Theory to Real-Life

Our Division of Professional Practice is home to the fourth oldest and the largest co-op program in the United States. GA Tech students are able to participate in the co-op, internship and work abroad programs while enrolled as full-time students. Students gain valuable work experience to make them more competitive upon graduation while earning an engineers’ salary.

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