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Video: Engineers Across Tech Participate in CREATE-X Startup Launch 2018

Oct 15, 2018

This year, 50 engineers participated in CREATE-X, a Georgia Tech initiative to instill entrepreneurial confidence in students and empower them to launch real startups. During Startup Launch this summer, student teams took advantage of funding, coaching and legal services to launch their startups and take their products to market.



Here are a few engineering team highlights:

TINA Healthcare

Featured engineers: Lovic Ryals (ME), Alison Knight (BME) and Sarah Bush (BME)

TINA Healthcare has created a universal tampon inserter for women of all abilities.

Air Logs

Featured engineers: Vaibhav Kumar (AE) and Sunit Kulkarni (ME/EE)

Air Logs provides single-click aircraft maintenance logbook research for aircraft mechanics.


Featured engineers: Sarah Hamer (ISyE)​​

DASDuo is business casual wear for the active woman.

Pretty Tech

Featured engineers: Khanna Bell (ME)

Pretty Tech is a non-profit focused on cultivating a talent pipeline for overcoming underrepresentation in tech.


Featured engineers: Tyler Quill, Luke Votaw, Michele Lauito and Aaron Stansell (all MSE)

pHam is a coffee filter that reduces the acidity of your coffee without negatively impacting the taste.

Ethos Medical

Featured engineers: Cassidy Wang (BME), Lucas Muller (ME), Alec Bills (ME) and Dev Mandavia (BME)

Ethos Medical (Neuraline) is developing a handheld medical device to guide the placement of needles for lumbar punctures.