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2017 College of Engineering Alumni Awards Induction Ceremony

Saturday, April 8
Four Seasons Hotel, Atlanta

During a time of the year when all eyes are on graduation, it also comes time to honor those who “got out” and continue to make meaningful contributions to the engineering and professional world. Whether that graduation was 59 years ago or three, the College of Engineering Alumni Awards Induction Ceremony recognizes those who have set themselves apart through an impact on the Institute, the engineering profession, or society at large. 

The annual awards ceremony honors alumni by induction into the Council of Outstanding Young Engineering Alumni, the Academy of Distinguished Engineering Alumni, the Engineering Hall of Fame, or the granting of the Dean’s Appreciation Award. This year’s event was held on Saturday, April 8, at the Four Seasons Hotel (Atlanta) and was hosted by Gary S. May (B.S. EE ’85), Dean of the College of Engineering and Southern Company Chair.

Ceremony guest speakers were Tom Foreman, CNN Correspondent and father of a GT undergraduate and a GT graduate, and Alexis Coates, a current fifth-year mechanical engineering student at Georgia Tech.

May praised the engineers who have made waves in their communities and in the world. 

“Engineers underpin human progress. Our work literally creates the fabric of society, whether the buildings we live and work in, the energy that powers our world, or the transport networks that we use every day,” he said. “Those being recognized embody the spirit of our profession – to dare, to dream, and to do.”

As the Young Engineering Alumni and the Distinguished Engineering Alumni came on stage to receive their awards, their responses to one of these questions was read: What is your most memorable or rewarding experience at Tech? What words of advice would you give a current student? How has Tech impacted your career? The Hall of Fame inductees and the recipient of the Dean’s Appreciation award were given time to speak about how their time at Georgia Tech has impacted their careers and lives. 

A concluding statement from Foreman summed up the event: “I think we can all agree that they are the few, the proud, the Tech engineers.” 

The Council of Outstanding Young Engineering Alumni Award recognizes future leaders from the College of Engineering. They are on the “fast track” having advanced rapidly within their organizations through their outstanding professional achievements. This year’s young alumni inducted were fellow GT grads (left to right), José Bern (B.S. CE ‘95), Anne Walker (B.S. IE ’02), Emily Muhlberger (B.S. ME ’04, MBA ‘09), Catherine Weems (B.S. ChBE ‘14), and Matthew Weems (B.S. ChBE ‘14). Not pictured, Kristen Brosnan (B.S. MSE ‘99)

The Academy of Distinguished Engineering Alumni honors highly placed executives that are actively involved in engineering, management, industry, academia, or government. This year's distinguished alumni inducted were (first row then second row and left to right) Larry Heck (M.S. EE ’89, Ph.D. EE ‘91), James Borders (B.S. ME ‘83), Spring Beasley (B.S. MSE ‘92, M.S. EMIL-SCS ‘15), Jimmy Carlos (B.S. CE ‘76), John Ratliff (B.S. ISyE ‘81), Paul Flower (B.S. CE ‘68), D. Fort Flowers, Jr., (B.S. ME ‘83), Elaine Johns (B.S. IE ‘85), Maurice Trebuchon (B.S. IE ‘86), Teresa Shea (B.S. EE ‘81), Andrew Ollikainen (B.S. AE ‘07).

Alumni inducted into the Engineering Hall of Fame are individuals who have made meritorious engineering and/or managerial contributions over the course of very prominent professional careers. This year's Hall of Fame alumni inducted were (first row then second row and left to right), John Brock (B.S. ChE ’70, M.S. ChE ’71, Ph.D. Hon. ‘16), Michael Tennenbaum (B.S. IE ’58, Ph.D. Hon. ‘16), Al West (B.S. AE ‘64, Ph.D. Hon. ‘10), Alan Dorris (B.S. IE ’70. M.S. IE ’72, Ph.D. ISyE ‘74), Robert Dixon (B.S. EE ‘77). Not pictured, Fred Donovan (B.S. CE ‘62). Not pictured, John Voeller III (B.S. ME ‘71).

Dean's Appreciation Award honors special individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to the advancement of the College of Engineering. The award may be given to engineering alumni or to non-engineering alumni who have brought distinction to the College of Engineering and Georgia Tech. The 2017 Inductee was Bernie Marcus, Chairman of The Marcus Foundation.  Bernie was unable to attend the ceremony and his son Fred Marcus accepted the award on his behalf. 

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