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Aramco Names ECE Student Best-in-Class Young Researcher

Abdallah Al-Shehri was chosen from 170 Aramco students from around the world

May 17, 2017

Abdallah Al-Shehri, a Ph.D. student in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, has been chosen as the Best-in-Class Young Researcher by Saudi Aramco Oil Company.

He was chosen for his outstanding research work from 170 Ph.D. students worldwide who are sponsored by Aramco.

Through much of his educational career, Al-Shehri’s research has focused on developing new understanding and technologies in the fields of nonrenewable resources, especially the technologies involved in oil reservoirs.

He currently works with Georgia Tech’s Broadband Wireless Networking Lab under the advisement of Professor Ian Akyildiz.

Al-Shehri’s research topic is “OilMoles: Design of Wireless Underground Self-Contained Sensor Networks for Oil Reservoir Monitoring,” and he intends to design magnetic induction-based networks to enable hydraulic fracture mapping, in-situ monitoring, and data collection from underground oil reservoirs in real time.

Al-Shehri will be honored at the Aramco EXPEC Advanced Research Center Advisory Committee Meeting this July in Houston, Texas.