Capstone Design Spring 2016 Winners | College of Engineering



Capstone Design Spring 2016 Winners

Apr 27, 2016

Overall Winner    
Hub Hygiene: Needleless IV connector disinfection  

  • Pranav Godbole (ME)    
  • Ruifu Shi (BME)    
  • Bharathwaj Nandagopal (BME)    
  • Timothy Gassner     (BME)    
  • Mary Catherine Adams (MSE)    
  • You Keun Kim (BME)

Infinitis: Design of intrauterine device as a contraceptive

  • Taylor Armstead (MSE)    
  • Emily Davis (BME)
  • Soleil Schatteman (ME)    
  • Shirin Kale (BME)
  • Emilie Kundycki (MSE)    
  • John Papayanopoulos (ME)    

Aerospace Engineering
Flying P.I.G.: Boeing UAV AerosPACE project

  • Sean Burson
  • Andrew Alam
  • Avani Gupta
  • Kyle Randall

Enable and Empower Team 3: Camp Hooray proposal

  • Caroline Wyrick    
  • Rebecca Fuller    
  • Sparsha Reddy

Biomedical Engineering
AVMend: Novel treatment for arteriovenous malformation

  • Katie Neuberger    
  • Emily Evans    
  • Paige Holbrook    
  • Alex Warner

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Stryd Transportation: Holly Springs Road & Old Canton Road roundabout

  • Ryan Liu    
  • Lilian Ayala    
  • John Bolen    
  • Sage Roberts

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Sensory Substitute Team: Ear-based head-tilt sensor

  • Allen Braun    
  • Matthew Golino    
  • Jordan Hartney    
  • Emily Shibut    
  • William Herren

Industrial Design
The Wise Guys: Freshwater folding fishing seat

  • Greg Duerkoop  (ME)    
  • Andrea Kuklenyik (ID)    
  • Richard Nelson (ME)    
  • Cody Carpenter (ME)    
  • DeAndre Baynham (ME)

Industrial and Systems Engineering
Second Self: Microbrewery - facilitating growth

  • Sue Pedapudi    
  • Gloria Lozano    
  • Matthew Zerkus    
  • Brian Homans    
  • Charles Oliva    
  • John Na    
  • John Cho
  • Yikyung Kim

Mechanical Engineering
The "Flynn" Stones: Detecting the presence of a scrub in a scrub bank

  • Casey Crowley (ME)    
  • Anthony Pope (ME)    
  • Michael D'Abate (ME)    
  • Leonardo Prinzi    (ME)    
  • Nicholas Buehler (CmpE)

Materials Science and Engineering
Team ReCap: Zirconia recycling

  • Henry Liu (MSE)    
  • Anna Thomas (MSE)    
  • Nick Kane (ME)    
  • Tony Shu (MSE)    
  • Justin Wang (MSE)    
  • Hayley Zhang (MSE)

Nuclear and Radiological Engineering 
Team TRISO: LSCR Surrogate fuel fabrication

  • Mary Peters    
  • Noah Drake    
  • Jakob Wetmore    
  • Chris Teufel    
  • Cody Breitkreuz