Facilities | College of Engineering


Centrally located in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia Tech's 400-acre campus is recognized regularly for its beauty and commitment to environmental sustainability.

The College of Engineering and its eight schools occupy more than 1.4 million square feet on the Georgia Tech campus, and several new buildings are under construction. From the design studios to the labs, our facilities are integral to the learning and research environment on campus. These buildings contain high-tech classrooms and extensive research and computer laboratories.

School or Unit Number of Buildings Approximate Square Feet
Aerospace Engineering 7 103,000
Biomedical Interactive Technology Center 1 6,600
Biomedical Engineering 3 85,000
Civil and Environmental Engineering 6 126,000
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering 5  108,000
College of Engineering 2 15,000
Electrical and Computer Engineering 8 205,000
Georgia Electronic Design Center 1 20,000
Institute for Paper Science Technology 2 113,000
Industrial and Systems Engineering 3 68,000
Manufacturing Research Center     1 18,000
Mechanical Engineering 7 160.000
Microelectronics Center 1 3,000
Materials Science and Engineering 5 102,000
National Electric Energy Testing Research & Applications Center 5 48,000
Packaging Research Center     1 6,500

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