The Next Frontier in Engineering

The Next Frontier story series highlights Georgia Tech engineering researchers and their cutting-edge work. The faculty in these stories are revolutionizing their fields and making an impact on our world. 

The Next Frontier Features

The Next Frontier in Renewable Energy

Far below the earth’s surface, hot rocks combine with water to create clean power  
Jul 23 2018

The Next Frontier in Biomedical Engineering

Michael Davis changes the landscape of pediatric cardiology with stem cell therapies and 3D printing
May 14 2018

The Next Frontier in Data Privacy

In a digital age where data is produced and collected by the second, Cummings searches for a place for privacy
Apr 17 2018

The Next Frontier in Molecular Engineering

Brettmann creates small particles for big pharma
Mar 13 2018

The Next Frontier in Mechanical Engineering

Drones work together to save wounded soldiers
Feb 12 2018

The Next Frontier in Industrial Engineering

Ayer helps fight Hepatitis C with Decision Support Tool
Jan 8 2018

The Next Frontier in Environmental Engineering

Brown tackles public health issues through the microscope  
Dec 11 2017

The Next Frontier in Cybersecurity

Saltaformaggio fights crime with cyber forensics
Oct 23 2017

The Next Frontier in Medicine

Dahlman’s gene therapy lab thrives in its first year
Oct 10 2017