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Engineers take a variety of forms, and the We Are Engineers magazine aims to convey them all through the lens of the College of Engineering.

The Upstart Issue

Welcome to the Issue

This season's issue of We Are Engineers is called The Upstart Issue. Georgia Tech is full of upstarts - people who are driven by an idea or passion and want to dedicate themselves to making it a reality, to achieve success, or just make a name for themselves. These enterprising individuals channel their creative energy into original ideas, cutting-edge innovation and new business ventures. And at Tech they come in the form of students, alumni, faculty and researchers. 

In the following pages, you’ll see that the startup ecosystem at Tech and across Atlanta is alive and well. From ATDC in Tech Square to CREATE-X and The Garage, you’ll learn how startups are being fostered across campus and meet the Tech engineers who are leading the way. 

Recent Feature Stories

The Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering is driving students and faculty to turn inventions into ventures

Apr 15 2019

For engineering faculty, moving a discovery from the lab to the world is a journey into the unexpected

Apr 11 2019

2018 CREATE-X Startups

Discover Four Promising Companies That Are Just Getting Off The Ground
Apr 11 2019

Pollinating Start-ups

Step into “The Hive:” engineering’s newest maker space
Apr 11 2019

Patented Calling

Best-selling author, TV expert and civil engineer Andrea Hence Evans helps entrepreneurs protect their ideas
Apr 11 2019

The Making of a Mentor

Building a productive mentoring relationship from the ground up
Apr 11 2019

10 Questions with K.P. Reddy

Serial entrepreneur and Tech grad
Apr 11 2019

Outsmarting Influenza

Engineers are developing unconventional tactics to vanquish the flu virus.
Nov 16 2018

Powering Haiti

A portable solar panel system provides light and cell phone power to change the landscape of Haiti.
Nov 16 2018

The Greater Good

Engineering students give back to communities across the world.
Nov 15 2018

Water Made Well

A pair of Georgia Tech engineers take different paths to safeguard life’s most essential resource.
Nov 15 2018


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The College's Magazine

Georgia Tech's We Are Engineers is the magazine of the College of Engineering. Founded in 2013, the publication is released twice a year: once in the spring and once in the fall. Each of the College’s eight schools appears in its pages. The themed magazine's focus varies per issue, but the publication aims to cover every facet of life as an engineer at Georgia Tech.

The magazine reaches diverse audiences, including alumni, faculty, staff, students, school and College advisory boards, government officials, and administrators from other universities. Because its readership is so broad, We Are Engineers is written less like an academic journal and more like a piece of journalism. Writers and editors strive to clarify complex engineering concepts. 

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