A new HIV treatment aimed at women could be on the horizon with Phil Santangelo’s RNA-based solutions

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We’ve all experienced our cellphones getting too hot or our laptops becoming noisy as they try to cool off. Computer centers across the nation do the same thing, requiring massive amounts of air conditioning to stay cool.
A new full-size car simulator in Srinivas Peeta’s lab will create a realistic driving experience to see how people interact with distractions and new environments on roadways.

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The Georgia Tech College of Engineering is creating tomorrow's leaders in engineering, science and technology. It offers internationally renowned programs in the heart of Atlanta, giving students opportunities for research and real-world experience, and its focus on innovation gives graduates an edge. The College awards more engineering degrees to women and underrepresented minorities than any other institution in the United States, and as part of a public university, it remains an excellent value for an elite engineering education.

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Georgia Tech graduates more women and minorities with engineering degrees than any other college or university.

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Wed Jul 17

The Next Frontier in Bioengineering

A new HIV treatment aimed at women could be on the horizon with Phil Santangelo’s RNA-based solutions

Mon Jul 15