George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering

The mechanical engineering program at Georgia Tech is the largest and one of the most highly rated programs in the country, consistently ranked in the top five nationally. Georgia Tech's program combines engineering fundamentals with hands-on design opportunities.

Mechanical engineering is the broadest of the engineering disciplines, combining principles from mechanical systems, thermal systems, manufacturing, and design. Graduates from Georgia Tech's programs work in virtually every industry thanks to their creativity and multidisciplinary skill sets. They are critical to the transportation industry, working on everything from the development of hybrid and electric cars to autonomous cars and underwater vehicles. Mechanical engineers are also leaders in energy systems, working on efficient power generation and developing alternative energy sources to minimize environmental impacts.

Kyriaki Kalaitzidou and students work on a polymer fiber machine in the lab.

The Future Starts Here

Mechanical engineers are the foundation of today’s technological world.

Aaron Young and Greg Sawicki in the lab with a variety of wearable robotic devices

Associate Professors Aaron Young (left) and Greg Sawicki work with a variety of wearable robotic devices.

A group of students comprising the GT Motorsports team pose with the 2022 vehicle

The student organization GT Motorsports conceives, designs, builds, and tests a single seat formula race car for competition.

Anna Erickson and two students work in the lab

Professor Anna Erickson (right) heads the Laboratory for Advanced Nuclear Nonproliferation and Safety, focusing on radiation detection and safeguards.