Maker Spaces

Unfortunately, not everyone has a waterjet or tube bender just lying around. Fortunately, Georgia Tech students dozens of high-tech (and low tech), top-of-the-line machinery at their disposal.

Join us for a quick tour of the maker spaces across campus you won't want to miss.

The Invention Studio

Students work just inside the Invention Studio.

The crown jewel of Georgia Tech maker spaces, the Flowers Invention Studio is open to all students, for any academic or non-academic purpose. It intends to be a place to explore and develop unconventional, creative ideas in a supportive environment.

The Aero Maker Space

Students creating in the aerospace engineering makerspace. 

The Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering created the Aero Maker Space as a place for aerospace engineering majors to come and work on projects for class or competitions. The studio includes prototyping, woodworking, metal, and composite shops.

The BME Design Shop

The BME Design Shop provides 3D printers, lathes, mills and more for bioengineering students. 

Biomedical engineers are encouraged to visit the BME Design Shop for lessons and feedback from design instructors, as well as the tools to bring their innovations to life.


Materials Science Engineering MILL Lab opened just last year. 

The MILL, created recently by the School of Materials Science and Engineering, complements the Invention Studio by providing a way for students to test, measure, and create materials to use in other studios. It is stocked with five multi-material 3D printers, a benchtop electron microscope with elemental analysis, and mechanical testing equipment.

Van Leer Interdisciplinary Design Commons

The Van Leer Interdisciplinary Design Commons opened in Fall 2018. 

What used to be an auditorium on Georgia Tech’s campus is now the largest electronics-oriented student makerspace in the country. The new Van Leer Interdisciplinary Design Commons is open to electrical and computer engineering students, as well as students from other majors. Like other makerspaces on campus, this center offers students a hands-on learning environment where they can work together to solve technology design challenges.