Faculty Resources

Policies and procedures as set forth by the University System of Georgia Board of Regents, including information on Faculty Governance, policies regarding promotion and tenure, and general Institute policies.

Faculty Handbook

Policies and procedures as set forth by the University System of Georgia Board of Regents, including information on Faculty Governance, policies regarding promotion and tenure, and general Institute policies.

Faculty Affairs

Faculty Affairs (FA) is responsible for processing all academic faculty personnel transactions including appointments, reappointments, promotions, tenure, post tenure reviews, leaves of absence, and salary adjustments. The office also provides support for faculty in work/life areas such as the Active Service Modified Duties program and extension of the tenure clock. FA maintains faculty information and records, and compiles annual and adhoc reports on faculty data. FA maintains a variety of faculty lists including endowed chairs and professors, Regents' professorships, new faculty hires, national academy members and other major award recipients.

Faculty Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Resources

Below are diversity, equity, and inclusion resources for faculty members serving on hiring, search and promotion/tenure committees.

Faculty Search Committee Toolkit

The Faculty Search Committee Toolkit is a resource for faculty members who serve as chair or member of a faculty recruitment committee. It is our goal to make the process more efficient and effective by providing the information about resources, procedures and best practices.

Professor of the Practice

The title “Professor of the Practice,” which is well established among many of Georgia Tech’s peer institutions, is intended to provide eminently qualified academic, business, or government leaders with a title that is customarily extended to faculty members who hold tenure.  This designation represents an effective and meaningful way for Georgia Tech to involve accomplished professionals who seek positions within a leading research university.  Further information concerning Professor of the Practice can be found in the Georgia Tech Faculty Handbook.

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)

The Center for Teaching and Learning promotes and supports an on-campus and online instructional community where excellence in teaching and learning is valued and where educators engage in evidence-based state-of-the-art practices that foster opportunities in which diverse students and instructors can thrive.

Faculty Governance

This site contains the meeting schedules, membership lists and meeting minutes for all Standing Faculty governance bodies, the Academic Senate, the Executive Board, and General Faculty Assembly..


Memo from Provost Bras on Absence from Campus, Conflicts of Interest, Consulting, Dual Employment, and Export Control 

Recent memo (March 28, 2016) from Provost Bras reminding faculty about policies regarding absence from campus, conflicts of interest and outside professional activity, consulting, dual employment, and export control.

Memo from Provost Bras on External Teaching Activities

Recent memo (September 3, 2019) from Provost Bras that outlines the required procedures and approvals for faculty members and other employees engaged in instructional activities outside of Georgia Tech.

Professional Absence and Leave Policies

See Faculty Handbook

Occasional absences from campus are necessitated by the professional activities of most faculty members, Institutional rules and guidelines governing categories of leave and leave of absence policies at Georgia Tech can be found in the faculty handbook.

Policy on Extension of the Probationary Period for Tenure

Extensions of the probationary period for tenure may be granted to a faculty member for the purpose of balancing personal and family obligations with professional and scholarly achievement.

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

The FMLA act provides up to 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave to eligible employees for certain medical and family reasons (birth of a child, care of employee’s child, spouse, or parent, serious health condition of the employee).

Family and Work Policies

This link describes family-friendly programs at Georgia Tech, which include Active Service-Modified Duties, daycare facilities, summer day camps, and extending the tenure clock.

Georgia Tech Employee Benefits

The information at this site explains the many benefits associated with employment at Georgia Tech, including medical, dental, and supplemental insurance, flexible spending accounts, child care center, mortgage discounts, FMLA, benefits forms and FAQ’s.

Vacation and Sick Leave Policies

This site includes information and regulations of the GT vacation and sick leave policies, including court duty, military leave, medical leave (FMLA), and includes links to OHR forms.

Maternity Leave

Maternity leave is treated like any other medical condition. Employees may use their accrued sick leave while on maternity leave to receive their full salary. This link provides further, more specific information, as well as an internal link with maternity leave (and paternity) tips for GT employees. Also, please see Active-Service Modified Duties.

Criteria for the Evaluation of Faculty Members as Teachers and Educators

See Faculty Handbook

This site defines criteria for effective teaching and the concept of faculty as educators, including course and curriculum development, teaching skills and methods, and publications and educational activities.

Criteria for the Evaluation of Service Activities

See Faculty Handbook 

While faculty members usually contribute to the Institute primarily through teaching and creative activities, they may also contribute significantly to Georgia Tech through appropriate types of service to the Institute, the public, and to professional organizations.