The College of Engineering offers minors in a variety of academic programs. Minors are intended to encourage and officially acknowledge the attainment of a fair measure of expertise and knowledge in more than one academic field, with the goal of broadening a student's education. 

An undergraduate minor is a defined program of study outside the student's major field. Minors are intended to broaden the student's education by encouraging and officially recognizing knowledge obtained by the student in fields other than their major.

Minors are typically offered by Schools which also offer a major. A program of study for the minor is outlined and it may include more than one option or "track". Tracks allow students to focus on an aspect of the academic field that is of particular interest to them. It is expected that there will be depth of the program of study and that specific educational objectives will be met upon completion of the minor.

Aerospace Engineering

The School of Aerospace Engineering offers a minor in aerospace engineering for students majoring in all disciplines (other than AE) at Georgia Tech.

Biomedical Engineering

The goal of the minor program is to educate students in how to apply engineering fundamentals to solve problems in biology and medicine. The program should be of particular interest to those students who plan to pursue advanced degrees in biomedical engineering and/or medicine.

Global Engineering Leadership

The Global Engineering Leadership minor develops graduates with problem-solving, leadership and cross-cultural competency skills, preparing them to lead in engineering and technology fields and in private-sector, government and humanitarian contexts. The minor exposes students to the engineering grand challenges of the 21st century and equips them with knowledge and practical skills to lead in the development of innovative solutions.

Engineering and Business

The Engineering and Business Minor is offered by the Colleges of Engineering and Business. It is a course of study that enables undergraduate students in engineering and business to learn one another's language through innovative coursework in their respective fields and interdisciplinary team projects focused on solving real-world problems presented by corporate affiliates.

Materials Science Engineering

The School of Materials Science and Engineering offers an undergraduate minor in Materials Science and Engineering for non-MSE majors. The purpose of the minor is to broaden the materials background of non-materials science and engineering students and to introduce them to a materials approach to problem solving that maybe different from that provided by their major.


The Schools of Aerospace Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Interactive Computing, and Mechanical Engineering offer a minor in robotics for students majoring in any discipline.

Nuclear and Radiological Engineering

The Nuclear & Radiological Engineering and Health Physics Program of the Woodruff School offers a certificate and a minor in Nuclear & Radiological Engineering to non-NRE engineering students. These programs provide a general knowledge of Nuclear and Radiological Engineering topics and are valuable for students considering graduate work in Nuclear Engineering or Medical Physics.

NOTE: The number of minors offered can change from year to year. For a complete list of minors available to Georgia Tech undergraduates please consult the Georgia Tech Catalog.