Georgia Tech Rated #1 Engineering School by Recruiters

September 16, 2010

In a recent article by The Wall Street Journal, Georgia Tech was rated to be the #1 school in terms of engineering, and the #7 overall school in the Nation, by top-rated by companies recruiting new hires.

According to the WSJ, its research is a methodical way to assess colleges by surveying employer's recruiters rather than relying on more traditional measures like student test scores, college admission rates or graduates' starting salaries. The participants in the survey happened to have hired more than 43,000 new graduates in the past year. The newspaper surveyed 479 recruiters and asked them to identify the schools "whose bachelor degree graduates were the best-trained and educated, and best able to succeed once hired." The survey ranks recruiters' picks for the best schools by major, including accounting, business/economics, computer science, marketing/advertising, engineering, finance and more.

“I know that no career allows for the spirit of innovation like engineering.  Few professions turn so many ideas into realities and few have such a direct impact on people's everyday lives,” said Don Giddens, Dean of the College of Engineering. “Here at Georgia Tech we are teaching future generations of engineers to help us meet the needs of the 21st century.” 

Overall, large public universities fared well in The Journal's rankings, taking up 19 spots in the top 25. "Recruiters say graduates of top public universities are often among the most prepared and well-rounded academically, and companies have found they fit well into their corporate cultures and over time have the best track record in their firms," the newspaper reports. The survey results also show that research and quality of faculty play an important role in recruiting. The newspaper says that employers tend to "like schools where they can form partnerships that allow them to work with professors and their students, giving them an inside track when it comes time to make offers for internships and jobs."


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