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Faculty and Staff Honors Luncheon Honor Many

April 26, 2017

Almost 80 faculty and staff members were praised for their excellence on April 21.

In a crowd of almost 80 bright individuals that were honored at the annual Faculty &Staff Honors Luncheon, 25 were from the College of Engineering. The luncheon occurred on Friday, April 21 and attendees received awards based on their excellence as researchers, teachers, mentors, and more during the past academic year.

Recipients were nominated by colleagues or students that think they deserve to be recognized for outstanding work, and are then chosen by a variety of different offices on campus and in the engineering community.

The awards are meant to maintain employee morale and pride, as well as recognize faculty and staff for exemplifying the Institute’s core values. Most awards were also accompanied by a monetary gift.

The luncheon was held from noon to 1:30 in the Student Center Ballroom.


Honorees from the Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering include Joe LeDoux for the Curriculum Innovation Award, S. Balakrishna Pai for the Innovation and Excellence in Laboratory Instruction Award, and Manu Platt for the GT Faculty Award for Academic Outreach.       

The honoree from the schools of BME, Chemistry, and Biochemistry is Younan Xia for the Outstanding Faculty Research Author Award.

Honorees from the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering include Ryan Lively for the Sigma Xi Young Faculty Award and William Koros for the Sigma Xi Sustained Research Award.

Honorees from the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering include Omer Inan for the Sigma Xi Young Faculty Award; Muhannad Bakir, Madhavan Swaminathan, and Manos Tentzeris for the Outstanding Achievement in Research Program Development Award; Deepkraj Divan for the Outstanding Achievement in Research Innovation Award; Ghassan AlRegib for the Steve A. Denning Faculty Award for Global Engagement; Mark Davenport for the Class of 1940 W. Roane Beard Outstanding Teacher Award; Mary Ann Weitnaur for the Outstanding Service Award; and Pamela Bhatti for the Class of 1934 Outstanding Interdisciplinary Activities Award.

The honoree from the Stewart School of Industrial & Systems Engineering is Chuck Zhang for the Outstanding Achievement in Research Program Development Award.

Honorees from the Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering include Susan Thomas for the CTL/BP Junior Faculty Teaching Excellence Awards; and Suresh Sitaraman, Samuel Graham Jr., Lenna Applebee for the Outstanding Undergraduate Academic Advising Award for Staff, and Peter Hesketh for the Outstanding Achievement in Research Program Development Award.

Honorees from the School of Materials Science and Engineering include Zhiqun Lin for the Sigma Xi Faculty Best Paper Award, Stephen Edwards for the Outstanding Achievement in Research Enterprise Enhancement Award, Mark Losego for the CTL/BP Junior Faculty Teaching Excellence Awards, and Seung Soon Jang for the Outstanding Undergraduate Research Mentor.


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