Video: Startup Coffee Company Has Engineering Roots at Georgia Tech

January 28, 2019

Watch as Dean McLaughlin learns about the roasting practices of TopTime Coffee 

Local artistry on Docent's coffee bags

When Nolan Hall (Mechanical Engineering, 2017) came to Georgia Tech to study to be an engineer, he never imagined he would be launching not one, but two successful coffee suppliers in the Atlanta area.

The first is TopTime Coffee, a startup out of CREATE-X, a Georgia Tech initiative to instill entrepreneurial confidence in students and empower them to launch real startups. He went through CREATE-X Startup Launch in 2017 before graduating, greatly benefiting from the programs funding, mentoring and legal counsel. TopTime currently has a cart on Georgia Tech’s campus, caffeinating tired students on a daily basis.

Next up is Docent Coffee, a high-end coffee retailer providing amazing craft coffee, while not taking itself too seriously. Docent also showcases local artists on their coffee bags. And a little store by the name of Whole Foods has the product on their shelves as well. Docent has also taken over the Café & Velo space off Edgewood Avenue, serving coffee and snacks at the eatery.

Dean McLaughlin meets the engineer behind the craft-brewed startup company

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