Monitoring Coronavirus

The health and safety of our community are the College’s top priority, while also ensuring the quality of education continues as we work towards the end of the semester. Classes have re-started formally as online instruction as of March 30.

Forms & Information


  • Campus Services Forms - Information regarding general campus services including: Buzzcard, Buzzport, parking, bookstore, form bank, and policies.
  • Financial Administration - Office of Financial Administration categories including: accounts payable, budget, GT Foundation, PCard, purchasing, travel, form bank, and policies.
  • Sponsored Project Forms - Office of Sponsored Programs information including:  awards, deliverables, grants and contracts, licensing, proposals, SPD’s, forms bank, reports, and policies.
  • Human Resources Forms - Office of Human Resources categories including: benefits, compensation, employee relations, form bank, and policies.
  • Procurement Services Forms - Information regarding Procurement Office including: accounts payable, PCard, package tracking, purchasing, form bank, and policies.
  • Foreign Travel Support (DOC, XLSX)
  • Renovation Worksheet - This form is in Microsoft Excel format.
  • Startup spreadsheet - This form is in Microsoft Excel format.
  • Faculty Awards Form - Submissions for faculty awards.