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image of researchers involved with dashboard project

Researchers Create Covid-19 Vaccine Dashboard to Display Rates by Race and County

The U.S. continues to see Covid-19 vaccinations gradually increasing nationwide, with nearly 66% of all adults now having at least one vaccine dose according to CDC’s COVID Data Tracker, yet disparities have been noted in vaccination rates across races and geographic areas.
Jun 28 2021
image of coal fly ash

Reusable Ionic Liquid Enables Extraction of Precious Rare-earth Elements from Coal Fly Ash

Researchers from Georgia Tech’s School of Civil and Environmental Engineering have discovered a way to extract rare-earth elements—essential ingredients for nearly all modern electronics—from the ash left behind at coal-burning power plants using a non-toxic ionic liquid.
Jun 24 2021
Andrés García headshot

Andrés García Receives Distinguished Professor Award

Global Pioneer in Developing Biomaterials Systems for Translational Applications in Regenerative Medicine
Jun 23 2021
image of MARTA train

Making Room for Innovation

Student startup PopTracker piloting passenger counting tech with Atlanta’s MARTA
Jun 23 2021
Tech researcher Ryan Randall use phosphorescent dye that can highlight cancer cells.

Georgia Tech Celebrates National Cancer Survivor Month

This June, Georgia Tech joins the nation in celebrating Cancer Survivor Month, a time each year that commemorates cancer survivors and caregivers.
Jun 23 2021
headshots of senior design team

ISyE Senior Design Team Prototypes Energy Prediction Software for CREATE-X Capstone

ISyE Senior Design team consults with the Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC) to develop Enercast Solutions, a software platform based in Amazon Web Services that provides a tool for convention centers to predict electricity consumption.
Jun 21 2021
image of "smart" tendon hammer

If I Had a Hammer: A Simple Tool to Enable Remote Neurological Examinations

By employing their previously engineered “smart” tendon hammer and developing a mobile app to accompany it, professor Jun Ueda and Ph.D. student Waiman Meinhold devised a system that enables the deep tendon reflex exam to be performed remotely, filling a gap in neurological healthcare delivery.
Jun 21 2021
Udita Ringania headshot

PhD Student Profile: Udita Ringania Wins Blue Sky Award for Sustainability

For her research that could help paper and packaging manufacturers advance their sustainability efforts, graduate student Udita Ringania was one of three international winners of the 2021 Blue Sky Young Researchers and Innovation Award.
Jun 21 2021
Patricia Mokhtarian headshot

Mokhtarian Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award

Professor Patricia Mokhtarian has been named the 2021 recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Association for Travel Behaviour Research for her significant contributions to the field.
Jun 21 2021
Yueyi Sun headshot

A Breakthrough in the Physics of Blood Clotting

New research by Georgia Tech and Emory University sheds new light on the mechanics and physics of blood clotting and could lead to better ways to treat clotting and bleeding issues.
Jun 21 2021