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unmanned ground vehicle
30 November 2020

The Fall 2020 Capstone Expo took place online, showcasing student groups that had worked together over the last four months. With videos and slide presentations, teams demonstrated what they had learned as they developed their own ideas or tackled challenges brought to them by sponsors. 

3 students and professor in masks outside (photo)
22 November 2020

Four engineering professors and their students talk about the challenges of online learning during the pandemic and the human touchpoints that make all the difference

image of the five Georgia Tech professors
20 November 2020

For these five engineering faculty, time spent in the private sector proved to be invaluable

19 November 2020

Johnny Blazeck’s research at the intersection of immunology, engineering and metabolism is creating novel therapies to help cancer patients in the fight of their lives


shopper with mask on (photo)
13 November 2020

This year, holiday gift buying will be different because of Covid-19. We spoke to three logistics experts in ISyE who forecasted how the pandemic may impact consumer purchasing in November and December. Check out the top 6 shopping challenges to be aware of. 

Tech Tower
11 November 2020

How systems engineering and medical decision-making play a role in public health

Hatzell Picture
11 November 2020

Marta Hatzell’s research on global sustainability in the fields of food, water and energy seeks to solve the world’s hunger problem through environmentally sustainable fertilizer

image of Robyn Gatens
10 November 2020

NASA looks to send astronauts deeper into space after 20 years of continuous human presence on the International Space Station