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$2,018: The cost of building Wreck Racing’s hot rod

The 1980s BMW whips around the autocross track, deftly maneuvering between orange cones and eventually flying across the finish line. More than 30 Georgia Tech students watch intently, hoping that a year of hard work and long nights has paid off. 
Nov 19 2018

Outsmarting Influenza

Engineers are developing unconventional tactics to vanquish the flu virus.
Nov 16 2018

Powering Haiti

A portable solar panel system provides light and cell phone power to change the landscape of Haiti.
Nov 16 2018

The Greater Good

Engineering students give back to communities across the world.
Nov 15 2018

Water Made Well

A pair of Georgia Tech engineers take different paths to safeguard life’s most essential resource.
Nov 15 2018