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Engineers take a variety of forms, and the Helluva Engineer magazine aims to convey them all through the lens of the College of Engineering.

Cover of Fall 2020 magazine, featuring Robyn Gatens on cover (photograph)

Rising Stars

Welcome to the Issue

This issue of Helluva Engineer is focused on Rising Stars – the engineers who are laying the groundwork to advance the human condition through innovation.

In this issue, you will read about our students, faculty and alumni who have the tenacity, drive and passion to advance engineering, science and technology even in the face of a pandemic. You'll meet Robyn Gatens (ChBE alumna), who is currently acting director for the International Space Center. Our rising star alumni from across each School are working to advance areas such as industry, public policy and academia, to name a few. And, so many of our students are charting a course for a high-powered career in industry or pushing the bounds of research in areas like RNA research that can help with Covid-10 test projects. 

A common trait of our engineers, regardless of where they are on their career path, is natural curiosity and the drive to solve problems. And, so many stories in this issue exemplify those values.

Today, our students and researchers continue to do great work even as the pandemic affects our daily lives. Enjoy these stories that showcase our Rising Stars. 

Recent Feature Stories

Schulz and elephant

Andrew Schulz takes an inclusive approach to his innovative research on elephant biomechanics

Oct 16 2020

“This is what happens when you let engineers run amok in finance.”

Lara Hodgson (AE, ’93) on how she launched a pioneering enterprise — several, in fact
Apr 15 2019

Tech Startup Cleans Up

Former students pilot Hux, an online marketplace streamlining the housekeeping industry
Apr 15 2019

The Brainiac and the Rainmaker

“Tech Twins” company Brain Rain Solutions specializes in software development for businesses
Apr 15 2019

The Enterprising Culture of Coulter

The Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering is driving students and faculty to turn inventions into ventures
Apr 15 2019

In the Company of the Daring

For engineering faculty, moving a discovery from the lab to the world is a journey into the unexpected
Apr 11 2019

Oculogx Helps Companies See Things Differently

Alumni’s startup streamlines supply chain with augmented reality
Apr 11 2019

2018 CREATE-X Startups

Discover Four Promising Companies That Are Just Getting Off The Ground
Apr 11 2019

Pollinating Start-ups

Step into “The Hive:” engineering’s newest maker space
Apr 11 2019

Patented Calling

Best-selling author, TV expert and civil engineer Andrea Hence Evans helps entrepreneurs protect their ideas
Apr 11 2019


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