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image of a computer chip

Researchers Discover Predictable Behavior in Promising Material for Computer Memory

A team led by Georgia Tech researchers has discovered unexpectedly familiar behavior in the antiferroelectric material known as zirconium dioxide, or zirconia. They show that as the microstructure of the material is reduced in size, it behaves similarly to much better understood materials known as ferroelectrics.
Nov 2 2021
image of researchers standing in front of delivery truck

Autonomous Trucking Collaboration Could Lead to a More Resilient, Affordable Supply Chain

A. Russell Chandler III Chair and Professor Pascal Van Hentenryck is collaborating with Ryder System, Inc.on the industry’s first data-driven study of the potential impact of autonomous trucking.
Nov 2 2021
Georgia Tech seal on Ph.D. regalia

Home at Georgia Tech: Then and Now

Seventeen College of Engineering faculty members have three or more Georgia Tech degrees and have made their alma mater home again 
Oct 25 2021
Visualization of people on Mars

Making Martian Rocket BioFuel on Mars

A new study outlines a biotechnology process to produce rocket fuel on red planet
Oct 25 2021

BBQ Lighter and Microneedles Introduce New Approach to Covid-19 Vaccine Delivery

Future vaccine delivery may rely on everyday items like BBQ lighters and microneedles, thanks to the ingenuity of College of Engineering researchers.
Oct 21 2021
Lajauna and Kevin Ellis standing together

Staying Active in Life and Community

College of Engineering staff members LaJauna and Kevin Ellis keep busy on campus and off, while also watching a grandson on campus in white and gold.
Oct 19 2021
Andrés García

Andrés García Elected to National Academy of Medicine

The honor, among the highest in the field of health and medicine, recognizes individuals who have demonstrated outstanding professional achievement and commitment to service.
Oct 18 2021
Samer Mabrouk and Omer Inan hold prototypes of their device

Innovative IV Sensor Moves Closer to Clinical Trial

Georgia Tech researchers have created a device with the potential to significantly improve IV safety, while reducing the workload on nurses.  
Oct 18 2021
Group of organizers

Siemens and Georgia Tech Launch New Center Focused Optimizing Infrastructure Systems

The $1.8 million investment from Siemens will prepare students to enter the STEM workforce of the future while improving upon the role of digital engineering for buildings. 
Oct 15 2021
liquid flow assay developed in the Sarioglu lab

Building a Better Dipstick Test

The Sarioglu lab is taming the flow on new, improved, user-friendly disposable lab tests.
Oct 15 2021