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image of researchers aligning the electrodynamic exciter and Laser Doppler Vibrometer setup for vibration experiments

The Science of Sound, Vibration to Better Diagnose, Treat Brain Diseases

By understanding transmission of acoustic waves through microstructure in an individual’s skull, non-invasive ultrasound imaging of the brain and delivery of therapy could be possible in a greater number of people.
Apr 28 2021
an artistic representation of neural activity during behavior in health (left) and Alzheimer's disease (right), with sharp wave ripples (which are associated with replay) as branches.

Study Shows Brain’s Internal Replay Goes Awry in Alzheimer’s

New research from BME’s Annabelle Singer links synaptic dysfunction with neural activity essential to memory
Apr 28 2021
Kyriakos Vamvoudakis headshot

Fighting Wildfires with Drones

The National Science Foundation has awarded a $1.2 million grant to the Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering, U.S. Forest Service, Kaibab National Forest, and the Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management in a collaborative effort to perform multiple field tests to combat wildfires.
Apr 28 2021
team photo for winner of best overall project

2021 Spring Capstone Expo Results

971 students spread across 186 teams competed in the Spring 2021 Capstone Design Expo, vying for a range of awards as they showcased their semester-long projects.
Apr 28 2021
Biya Haile Headshot

From Refugee to Scholar

Biya Haile earns immigrant fellowship to continue his studies at Tech
Apr 27 2021
Mitchell Walker

Georgia Tech Shares $15M From NASA to Advance Deep Space Exploration

Mitchell Walker, professor in the Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering, is the principal investigator and will serve as director of JANUS, leading an interdisciplinary team of researchers from across the country. 
Apr 22 2021

Engineering Alumni Create Mobile App to Reduce Alcohol Abuse

Reframe provides diversions that interrupt cravings
Apr 19 2021
Madeleine Pollack headshot

Madeleine Pollack Selected for 2021 Brooke Owens Fellowship

Third-year ISyE major Madeline Pollack was recently selected for this year’s class of the Brooke Owens Fellowship, a nationally acclaimed nonprofit organization that seeks to provide opportunities in the aerospace industry to undergraduate women and other gender minorities.
Apr 16 2021

Marine Animals Inspire New Approaches to Structural Topology Optimization

Georgia Tech researchers unify design and manufacturing to create novel structures with potential applications in biomedicine and space exploration
Apr 16 2021
Winners cup thumbnail graphic

Three Engineering Students Win 2021 Barry Goldwater Scholarship

Recipients of prestigious academic award include Shovan Bhatia, Pradyot Yadav and Katie Groenhout
Apr 14 2021