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Health and Humanitarian Logistics Center Heads to Rwanda to Focus on Global Health Delivery

A forum to discuss challenges and new solutions in global health delivery and disaster preparedness and response
Jul 3 2019

Understanding Human Driving Behaviors

New simulator puts people in a full-size car to understand their driving behavior 
Jun 26 2019

An Engineer's Guide to Graduate School

From the start, an engineer’s academic background and technical skills allow them to easily understand product design and build, enabling them to speak with customers, consult clients, and lead teams in a business setting. Engineers who want to pursue more education to further their career are faced with the option of earning an advanced engineering degree. Ultimately, the choice depends on the individual and their career aspirations.
Jun 26 2019

Dimitri Mavris Named Director of Georgia Tech PMASE Program

Regents’ professor to enable students to capitalize on education to advance their career
Jun 25 2019