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Tech Tower
12 February 2021

In January, Georgia Tech’s Serve-Learn-Sustain kicked off their newest program — Public Interest Technology (PIT) Student Fellows — with a cohort of ten multifaceted engineering students excited to put their technological chops — and their other talents, skills, and energy — to work to make a difference in their own backyard.

Tech Tower
10 February 2021

Individually, California blackworms live an unremarkable life eating microorganisms in ponds and serving as tropical fish food for aquarium enthusiasts. But together, tens, hundreds, or thousands of the centimeter-long creatures can collaborate to form a “worm blob,” a shape-shifting living liquid that collectively protects its members from drying out and helps them escape threats such as excessive heat.

08 February 2021

Midway through his second year at Georgia Tech, Aidan Albers is embracing the opportunities that come with attending the largest engineering college in the country. From internships to clubs, he has found support and opportunities to meet like-minded students who push each other to try new things. Find out why he chose Tech, who has influenced him, and what clubs he has latched on to as a mechanical engineering student.

Rosenstein headshot
01 February 2021

With her Ph.D. in english literature, Lisa Rosenstein is a bit of an anomaly among her colleagues in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. While she doesn’t teach fluid mechanics or structures, her instruction is no less foundational for her students to succeed at Tech and in the professional world. In 1998, Rosenstein joined the School to develop the Engineering Communications Program, which integrates written, oral and visual communication skills into the engineering curriculum at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.